Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a frosty beer or a freezing glass of iced tea. But what happens when an issue with the refrigerator causes a malfunction that prevents you from even cooling a glass of water?

Scorching summer temperatures often result in overheated refrigerators, as they have to work harder to maintain cool temperatures inside. It makes sense that you need to do a little bit of preventive maintenance for your refrigerator to keep it running smoothly.

This will also help keep energy consumption down, saving your big bucks on your monthly electricity bills.

Here are some tips to keep your fridge cool in summertime:

Keep it closed:

Let’s face it; we’ve all been guilty of opening the door of the fridge and looking inside for something to eat while all the cool air escapes. Every time you open the door, cool air is let out and the compressor has to restart to try to maintain the inside temperature. This overheats the refrigerator and prevents it from running efficiently. So keep the door closed until you know exactly what you want!

Don’t overfill it:

We get the temptation of having cold beers and chilled foods in the summer. But overloading the refrigerator with tons of food and drinks is a bad idea. Too much stuff blocks the circulation of cool air and makes the compressor work longer.  

Check for worn-out seals:

The seal on the door of the refrigerator prevents any cool air from escaping and ensures the door is firmly shut. Over time, the seal can wear out and become damaged, which means you start losing precious cold air. This, in turn, makes the refrigerator work harder and causes it to overheat, putting the food in danger of going bad. Inspect the door regularly especially during summer to make sure the seal is intact and the door is airtight.

Position the refrigerator efficiently:

Keep your refrigerator away from other appliances that emanate heat. Summer is already hot enough without blasting your fridge with additional heat from your oven or dryer. Keep it in a well-ventilated area to keep the compressor from overheating causing the refrigerator to slog harder.

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Keep condenser coils clean:

A build-up of dirt and other debris on the condenser coils can cause it to break down. Unplug the refrigerator and clean the coils with a brush to keep it free of dirt regularly. You can also use wet rags or wipes to remove stubborn bits of dirt that are stuck to the coils. This will increase the efficiency of the unit and help trim down those energy bills.

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