Year after year, electricity prices have gone up steadily as wire networks and poles are ungraded. The energy market has become an expensive necessity, with consumers bearing the brunt of rising costs.

The average monthly cost of electricity was 74 US dollars in 2009. Since then, it has gone up to $116 per month in some states. When we factor in other utilities such as gas and water, monthly utility costs go up to almost $200 for the average household!

However, the good news is that you can tweak your usage and take some measures to cut down almost 25% of your energy bill. Here are some expert tips:

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Switch It Off!

Most of us tend to forget to turn off the switch after we’ve used an appliance. Most electronic gadgets don’t power off themselves and sit their consuming valuable energy until you turn them off. Washing machines and dryers that use electronic panels require energy to keep those buttons and screens lit. A single screen can cost you an estimated $25 per year. Make sure you unplug all appliances and electronic equipment once you’ve used them or use power strips that you can switch off when not in use.

Run Your Refrigerator For Less:

Out of all the household appliances, refrigerators consume the most electricity. You can save up to 60 US dollar a year by taking some simple steps. Clean out the coils under the refrigerator at least twice a year to improve its efficiency by almost 30%.

Empty refrigerators consume more energy. Keep them filled with ice bags and water containers when they’re not full. Make sure the setting is between 35 to 38 degrees. Finally, check the seal on the refrigerator door regularly as it tends to wear out and lets precious cool air escape. In case of any strange noises or leaks, get it repaired ASAP to prevent increasing energy bills.

Increase Washer and Dryer Efficiency:

While top load washing machines are cheaper, they tend to consume more water and electricity. Invest in a front-load machine to cut down the costs. Make sure the lint screen of your dryer is cleaned regularly to increase the efficiency of the dryer and keep it from consuming extra energy. A dirty lint screen can increase energy costs by as much as 30% per year!

Invest In Regular Service And Repair:

Appliances that are used regularly or aren’t used regularly tend to develop build-ups of dirt, dust, and other debris which affects their functionality. A machine that isn’t running efficiently can end up costing you a lot through high energy bills. Make sure your air conditioners and heaters are regularly serviced and any repairs required are done immediately. Same goes for any kitchen and laundry appliances.

Count on Us!

All American Appliance Service offers efficient and affordable repair services for all kinds of home appliances. With our decades of experience within the appliance industry, we have established ourselves as a leading appliance repair service for all of Bergen, Passaic, and Rockland counties.

Our factory authorized services include emergency appliance services for all kitchen, laundry, and other household appliances such as microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines, and refrigerators.

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