The US Fire Department estimates that 15,000 fires each year take place because of faulty dryers and washing machines. 92% of the time, the culprit was the dryer. The leading cause of dryer fires is a failure to clean the machine; this accounts for 34% of the incidents.

Properly cleaning and maintaining your washing machine and dryer is not only important for ensuring the safety of your home and loved ones, but it is also important for increasing the lifespan of your appliances. A clean appliance functions better, and uses less energy while being operated.

Cleaning the Washing Machine

Dirty washing machines experience build-ups of detergent and fabric softener, which can lead to a moldy smell in your washed clothes. It’s important to clean the washing machine at least once a month to keep it in top shape and ensure that your clothes come out cleaner and smell better. Follow these steps for deep and cost-effective cleaning of your appliance:

STEP#1 – Empty the entire machine and make sure there aren’t any small clothing items left in the tub.

STEP#2 – Take two cups of baking powder and add to the machine and then run a lengthy hot water cycle.

STEP#3 – Add two cups of vinegar and some essential oils for fragrance. Tea tree is a popular choice because it has antifungal properties along with a great smell. Run another long hot water cycle at the highest temperature.

STEP#4 – After the cycle is over, wipe down the entire machine with a microfiber cloth and some more vinegar. If you see any stains remove them by scrubbing them with a paste of baking soda and vinegar.

STEP#5 – Clean the exterior with the same microfiber cloth and vinegar. Scrub the extra dirty areas with a toothbrush to remove any scaling or stains. Soak the dispenser tray and then wipe it clean as well.

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Cleaning the Dryer

Dryers are prone to the build-up of lint, which can cause fires if it touches the heating coil. The dryer needs to be cleaned every three, six, or 12 months, depending on how frequently it is used. Cleaning the dryer is a bit complex, and it’s best to consult a manual before attempting to clean it. However, some simple steps can ensure a clean dryer in no time:

STEP#1 – Unplug the dryer and empty the lint trap.

STEP#2 – Remove the discharge hose connected at the back of the unit and shake out any debris that might be lodged inside.

STEP#3 – Remove the back panel of your dryer and vacuum up any excess lint buildup.

STEP#4 – Remove part of the lint trap to vacuum any dust buildup.

Step#5 – Vacuum and wipe the drum for any left behind lint or debris.


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