If you’re planning a high-end kitchen renovation, you might have come across Sub-Zero refrigerators.

With a range of built-in models that exude luxury and exotic aesthetics, Sub-Zero refrigerators are high-functioning food preservation systems widely preferred by home cooks and leading chefs.

Sub-Zero offers a diverse range of options in terms of design, storage and performance.

However, with the hefty price tags, people can’t help but wonder if these appliances are worth buying.

Here are a few things that make Sub-Zero refrigerators slightly expensive than their standard counterparts.

Dual Refrigeration System

Sub-Zero refrigerators feature separate cooling systems for the refrigerator and freezer.

The refrigerator keeps the food moist and fresh while the cool, dry air in the freezer repair makes for ideal long-term storage while preventing frost.

Microprocessor Controlled System

Sub-Zero refrigerators come with a built-in microprocessor that keeps track of your climate and usage frequency to adjust moisture and humidity levels.

The system continuously monitors each section of the refrigerator to ensure accurate climate control.

The microprocessor controller also notifies you if the door is ajar and optimizes the lighting and cooling fan.

Image showing Freezer Repair

Freezer Repair – Air Purification System

The anti-microbial air purification system in Sub-Zero refrigerators is based on technology developed by NASA.

The system flushes out the air in the refrigerator every 20 minutes, clearing out ethylene gas while preventing mold and bacteria growth.

Quality and Longevity

Sub-Zero appliances are not just refrigerators, they are state of the art food preservation systems.

Each refrigerator is tested to the highest standards to ensure unparalleled performance and a long life.

Each refrigerator is designed and tested to last around 20 years. The patented vacuum door seal system is backed by a 5 years warranty.

Feel like your Sub-Zero refrigerator isn’t doing as good as it should?

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