During the week, Americans eat bread 70% of the time. The most typical way of preparing bread is by toasting it, which is 52% of the time. As the numbers show, people really enjoy having their toast.

Toasters are single output machines which have the sole job of just toasting bread.

As simple as they sound, toasters are still complex machines that can run into an array of issues. Let’s discuss some of the common problems all toasters have.

Toasting Lever Doesn’t Stay Down

After placing the bread in the toaster, you push down the lever where it becomes “stuck” in one position and your bread starts heating. A very common issue is that after pushing the lever, it doesn’t stay “stuck” and goes back up.

The first place to look is the power source and adjustment. If the source is operational, ensure that the browning dial is on an acceptable setting and not too low so that the heating coil activates properly.

Check the condition of the plug wire to see if there are any signs of damage or if it’s loose. Another issue could be that crumbs are obstructing the path of the lever and forcing it back up. You should run a visual inspection of the toaster to see if there are any clogged crumbs and clean them out before turning the toaster back on.

Require Appliance Repair – Toaster Won’t Stay On

The most obvious place to check first is the power outlet. Plug in different devices into your outlet and check to see if they are working correctly to ensure the efficiency of the outlet. If that’s not the cause then check the wiring to see if there is any visual damage.

You could check the browning dial settings and ensure that the setting is not too low, otherwise the heating coil will not activate and the toaster won’t be “on”.

Image showing need for appliance repair

Constant Burning Smell

At the bottom of the toaster, most of them will have a crumb tray that gathers the crumbs and allows for easy removal of the tray and the crumbs so that your toaster stays clean.

If you get a constant burning smell, it’s possible that too many crumbs have accumulated and are burning every time you toast some bread. Crumbs can also become stuck on the coils or other mechanical components of the toaster and be subject to burning and give off the odor.

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