With over 25.5 million units sold in 2018, blenders are some of the most common appliances in kitchens across the globe. Whether it’s shakes, smoothies or food prep, blenders can do it all and much more!

Just like other kitchen appliances, excessive use can often impact the efficiency and performance of blenders.

As simple as these appliances seem, there could be a wide range of reasons why a blender might stop working. Fortunately, we have a few hacks and tricks lined up for you to bring that blender back to life.

Kitchen Appliances – Check Power Settings

Feel that your blender is no longer powerful enough to make those rich smoothies?

The problem might not be in the blender, but the power setting. If you feel that there are chunks of fruits in your smoothies or that puree isn’t turning out lump-free, play around with the power setting.

If your blender features a pulse setting, consider experimenting with it to identify the power it would take to blend specific items.

Check the Multispeed Switch

The multispeed switch is one of the most important components of the blender as it controls the amount of current that goes to the motor. This switch can be easily damaged if it’s pressed too hard, causing it to malfunction or stop working entirely. Inspect the switch and the area around it, often the problem is just a loose terminal.

If you see melted wires or blackened terminals, this could be indicative of a short circuit. In this case, you will need professional assistance.

Image showing Kitchen Appliances Repair services

Blades Aren’t Spinning

If you notice that the motor is running but the blades are not spinning correctly or at all, the problem may be a loose drive stud or a jam in the rotary components. Inspect the motor and blades to pinpoint the issue. A jam can easily be addressed by removing the blades and cleaning out the rotary components of food debris.

In case the drive stud is malfunctioning, you’ll need to get in touch with a professional appliance repair service provider to address the problem. Drive stud issues often require disassembling the blender and repairing the shaft; something only an experienced technician can do.  

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