In the year 2020, make it a promise to give as much attention to your kitchen as you to do to other parts of the house. If you’re trying to strike a sweet balance between the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen, you need to invest in the rightfully hyped sub-zero refrigerators. They are sleek, stylish, energy-efficient, and always easy to blend in with cabinet designs.

If you’ve already made the purchase, this blog will help you keep them well-maintained and last long. Read on to know the secret recipe for a long-lasting sub-zero fridge:

Clean the coils

Dust, dander, and hair are a few of the biggest enemies of refrigerator condenser coils. If any of these remain accumulated on the coils for too long, the performance of your compressor can be greatly affected.

Either the refrigerator will not cool enough or might start making unusual noises. This is because the compressor needs to work extra hard to push the air through the clogged coils. You might just see an unusual hike in your utility bills too.

You need to be religious with the coil maintenance if you’ve got pets running around the house. All you need to do is turn off the electricity supply before getting to business. Take the bottom edge of the grills and pull them upward to reach the coils at the back. Make sure you’re using a clean, soft-bristled brush to remove debris from the coils. If the dust stains are too stubborn, you can even take help from a vacuum hose. Always remember to vacuum in the direction of the coils and do it carefully so you don’t damage them. Once you’re done, put the grill cover back on.

We recommend wearing gloves and a dust mask to stay safe from the allergens during the process.

Image showing Sub-zero refrigerator repair Rockland County

Replace the filters routinely

Just like any other cooling appliance, the filters in a sub-zero fridge also need to be inspected, cleaned and replaced.

The filters are also responsible for purifying the air inside the sub-zero unit. It eliminates bacteria, mold, and other contaminants from the air inside to keep your food fresher. Ideally, these filters only remain functional for a year, after which their air-purifying capacity decreases.

Unlike other refrigerators, a sub-zero model tells you when it’s time to change the filters. A small square-shaped indicator on the control panel will flash when the filters reach the end of their productive life. This indicator is usually located to the left of the temperature setting.

Changing the filters is easier than it sounds. All you need to do is pull the refrigerator away from the wall and locate the air filters. Pull the cover out and pull the flap down. This will expose the cartridge. Gently remove the cartridge and snap the new one in its place. To do so, you need to make sure the connector is pointing down. Once you’re done, close the same flap and the outer cover.

To simplify the process, make sure you’re purchasing the filters from authorized dealers only. If you’re still not clear on the process, get a professional fridge repair company to help you out. There is no better option than All American Appliance Service if you’re based in Bergen, Rockland or Passaic County! Get in touch now.

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