According to Forbes, the demand for luxury kitchen appliances in the US is increasing as we speak! The rate of homeowners who are investing in high-quality kitchen appliances has increased by 5% since the year 2016. Sub-zero refrigerators are one of these appliances.

Before you head to the nearest store to make a purchase, here’s all you need to know:

The finishing

No one said you have to forcibly buy a fit-for-all sub-zero model. You can always speak to your interior designer and get their advice on which one will complement the rest of the kitchen design well. You can choose to make your refrigerator slightly stand out or blend in or camouflage with the cabinets.

Before heading to the store, know your options well. Common sub-zero design options are stainless steel, cabinet finish, glass doors, French door, side-by-side or even a full fridge based on a single door. You can choose between single and double doors, depends on what suits your needs the best.

No matter the design, the finishing of the top cover will always be your choice. The options are as diverse as solid stainless or wood cabinet finish. You can also pair up the design with matching handle options.

Sub-zero refrigerator – The size

Before making the final purchase, make sure you’re clear on what size you’re aiming for. This depends on the space available in your kitchen and your storage requirements. Just like any variant of the fridge, a sub-zero is also available in a myriad of size options. The standard sizes can vary anywhere between 30 inches to 48 inches.

Here’s the best part: You can choose the size proportion of the refrigerator to the freezer. The provider will give you the option of making your own size using columns. You can consider different sizes of fridges and freezers and mix and match them up to see what suits your needs the best. The provider will then combine your chosen sizes with the help of a factory-made trim kit. For instance, you could pair up a 60-inch fridge with a 30-inch freezer.

Sub-zero refrigerator repair services Bergen County

Know the modes

Sub-zero appliances fall under the same category as smart appliances. You need to understand the various modes in order to operate the appliance to the best of its abilities.

If you’ve set it on the ‘high usage’ mode, the appliance would naturally take up more energy consumption. This will also improve the cooling performance. On the other hand, the ‘max ice’ mode will help you generate faster and will maximize ice production. If you don’t want too much ice, set yours on ‘night ice mode’.

If you’re going to spend some time away from home, the ‘vacation mode’ will help you. This will preserve the food for a maximum of one week without contributing to energy consumption much. On the other hand, if you’re traveling for a longer time, switch to the ‘long vacation’ mode. This raises the temperature by around 5 degrees Fahrenheit and keeps the food fresh for around 12 weeks.

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