Is your machine making loud noises? Is it using so much water that you’re scared Greta Thunberg will appear out of nowhere and chastise you for destroying the environment? Does your washing machine have only one job and is it not doing it right—that is, are your clothes not being cleaned right?

The BBC says washing machines are no longer built to last, but you can say they never were. They are, after all, machines. And machines aren’t built to last.

Luckily for you, there are ways to tell.

It’s Leaking More than Wikileaks

If your washing machine malfunctions a lot and you find pools of water around it after every cycle, that’s a problem. In fact, there could be no greater obvious sign of a faulty washing machine than one that leaks—and leaks excessively.

Excessive leaks are usually a sign of loose connections or overflow. It’s a problem far more common in older washing machines, especially those that are over 9 years old. For older machines, you can resolve this problem by reducing the load. If this doesn’t work, your water hose is probably damaged.

Too Loud

If your washing machine is loud and seems to be getting louder by the day, it could be indicative of multiple problems. It might be that the machine is unbalanced, you can try taking care of that problem on your own. But beware that noises in the washing machine aren’t always due to small defects. In fact, if you diagnose the problem incorrectly and try to take it to task, you might end up worsening the problem.

It’s. . . Sentient?

If your washing machine seems to have a life of its own; if it moves when washing clothes, it’s one of these two things: (a) your machine is possessed or (b) it’s malfunctioning and needs professional help.

Although we know that machines and walking washers are meant to jiggle from side to side, they shouldn’t be rocking like a rocking horse. Excessive movement calls for help from a repairman.

It Doesn’t Fill Up

Your machine needs to fill up. If that isn’t happening, your cycle selection is most likely delayed. Other causes could be a bend in the hose or issues with faucets. If you’ve checked for all these problems and found none of them, a repairman can tell you what’s causing it.

Finding a Repairman

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for days on end to get your washing machine checked if it’s malfunctioning. You can simply give All American Appliances a call at 201-445-0707 for Bergen County, 973-633-9588 for Passaic County, or at 845-369-9696 for Rockland County—and we’ll send a technician down right away!

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