If we’re talking about high Bills, last year was definitely the star with Bill Nye “the Science Guy” being arrested for being high . . . but this blog is about different kinds of high bills altogether.

And even when it comes to high electric bills, 2019 took the cake.

In fact, Americans have been complaining about excessive bills since 2018. And while some of that might be due to the tariffs on appliances, it could also be because you’ve been ignoring your appliances for far too long.

Yeah, you shouldn’t ignore anyone, even a non-sentient inanimate washing machine—because if you do, you might end up with an inflated electricity bill.

Have You Bought Any New Appliances Lately?

If the hike in your electric bill is recent, and if you have very recently bought brand new appliances—and if both these incidents coincide, you can connect the dots. It’s kind of obvious. New electronics can cause a hike in your bill easily, especially if it’s something like a new microwave oven.

Have You Been Using Appliances a Lot Lately?


If you have isolated yourself from humans and have confined yourself in some Black Mirror-like fantasy by spending too much time with your machines—there you have it. Let’s say you have started a new work-from-home writing job recently that requires you to use your PC excessively, that could be one of the reasons.

At times, when people join your household, you can face the same problem. This happens because more people are using the same appliances, hence are using them more often. For example, the dishwasher is going to be used more often.

They’re All Plugged in When You aren’t Using Them

Think of this like the battery of your phone dying when you have too many apps open in the background. If too many of your appliances are plugged in when you aren’t using them, they could impact your electric bills. They might be on standby, but they aren’t standing behind you in your mission to reduce your electric bills.

They’re called vampire appliances for a reason.

They’re Old

Time has its way with everything—even with machines. Nothing is forever. And if your appliance is older than 9 years, it’s going to have issues. Fortunately for you, you can call the nearest appliance repair service provider to check if old age is the problem behind the surge in your bills.

When All Fails. . .

. . . call that repairman. We understand that you might have call anxiety, but you are doing neither your appliances nor your electric bills a favor by putting it off. Get in touch with All American Appliance Service if you’re in New Jersey today—and we promise we’ll take care of your appliances and inflated bills.

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