Fridges have a life expectancy of 6–13 years, LCD televisions 5–11 years, laptops 4–8 years, ovens 10–20 years, washing machines 5–11 years, and so on. If there’s one thing these numbers tell us, it’s this: no appliance lasts forever—but you can make one last long enough if you care for them right.

And that’s what we’re here to talk about: to help you take proper care of them, because why shouldn’t you?

Appliances have feelings too. And even if they don’t, at least you won’t have to waste hundreds of dollars in just a few years because your Game of Thrones reruns keep buffering on your old LCD TV.  

The Dishwasher

If you’re truly grateful for the existence of this appliance that has effectively put to rest all misogynistic dishwasher jokes, you ought to be taking good care of it. The first rule to caring for your dishwasher is knowing that after a dishwasher washes your dishes, you have to wash your dishwasher. And no, that’s not a tongue twister. Clean out the filter and make sure there’s no debris left inside that could act as an obstruction.

The Refrigerator

The condenser coils are critical, and you should keep them clean at all times. Debris can easily accumulate in them, which can later cause problems. Grease is also a common issue with fridges. Change the rubber seals if you notice problems with them, this will help keep them running for a long time.

The Microwave


Caring for a microwave is relatively easier. Heat a cup of water and put it inside the microwave. Wait till the glass pane has visible markers of condensation. This is when you open the microwave, take out the cup, and use a sponge to clean the inside of the microwave. Make sure the inside is dry. For the outside, use an all-purpose cleaner.

Regular Maintenance

No matter how well you’re tending to these appliances, at the end of the day, they’re still machines. They’re bound to have problems. They’re bound to malfunction. One of the best things to do, if you want to keep your appliances running for a long time, is to schedule regular maintenance with a local repairman.

Having one on speed dial helps. All American Appliance Service in New Jersey is an appliance repairs service provider that has operations in Bergen County (201-445-0707), Passaic County (973-633-9588), and Rockland County (845-369-9696). With over 45 years in the appliance repair industry, we are perfectly suited to see what’s wrong with your appliances. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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