Ideally, we’d recommend every 12 months!

However, we understand if, as a customer, you might not want to bring in a professional every year so you can get your washing machine serviced.

Considering that in many cases, the long-term costs of hiring a manufacturer engineer are higher than the cost of the machine itself, many people forego contacting the company itself. Instead, many either rely on the DIY method, or contact a basic repairman.

But, by not giving their washing machine the attention it needs, not only do they risk the longevity of their appliance they also put their lives in danger!

Washing Machine Servicing—What to Know

Let’s take an example of lint, fiber and dust that gets caught in the nooks and crannies of your washing machine.

While the issue might not seem significant, the truth is that dust, lint and fibers are often lead to clothes dryer fires. With 27 percent of fires caused by just lint alone, with 26 percent of fires ignited by malfunctioning cable insulation or electrical wire, as reported by the National Fire Protection Association, we cannot risk the safety of our home by skimping out on regular maintenance.


For those who cannot afford to spend on bringing in a professional for washing machine repair each year, at All American Appliance Service, we suggest taking care of the following factors, to avoid appliance issues:

  • Don’t ignore any strange movements. If your machine is rocking–even gently—while the tumble dryer is running, contact a professional right away.
  • Leaks are not normal. Keep the water and any other leaks away from the power socket and keep the machine unplugged.
  • Pay attention to the noises. If you hear any loud thumping or rattling, this indicates damage to the main tub.
  • When the machine is not being used but plugged in, listen for any small crackling sounds. There might be an issue with the plug.

If You See or Hear Anything

Get in touch with a reliable washing machine repair service, such as All American Appliance Service in Passaic, Bergen, and Rockland County, NJ.

As a leading service for home appliances repairs and maintenance in New Jersey, we take care of your home needs, while staying within your budget.

For further information, contact All American Appliance Service today, and be sure to take steps to keep your washing machine clean and maintained as well. A good wash on the inside of the machine to remove gunk and slime will serve you well in the long run!

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