You’ve made the enormous decision to buy a dishwasher and quite frankly, you’re more than a little excited! Gone are the days of washing your dishes by hand.

Now, all you have to do is put your dishes in the appliance, tap a button, and voila! You have yourself a load of clean dishes, ready to be used.

But, before these dreams of washed dishes all the time come to light, you have to buy the right appliance first. With so many models on offer, which one do you choose?

All American Appliance Service has some questions you should ask yourself before making your purchase!

Q.1: What Will You Use Your Dishwasher For?

It might seem silly to ask, but this question is worth considering. Will you be using your dishwasher for special occasions like for the holidays or a dinner party, or every day? Do you have any super-sized or special items that will need to fit well in your dishwasher?

Typically, most full-sized dishwashers (24-inch) have a setting for 12 – 16 places. But if you’re worried your dishes won’t fit, get in there. Stick your head way in and see. Does it look like your dinner platter will fit? If you’re unsure, bring the platter next time.

Q.2: Will it Fit in Your Kitchen?

For smaller kitchens, you need a small dishwasher that’ll fit the space. If you’re leaning more toward getting a full-sized dish washer, try to find one that’s not going to overwhelm your kitchen design.

But, if you have a big kitchen, consider investing in a better dishwasher, like a double-drawer one for extra room.

Q.3: Are You Okay with Noise?

Alongside stronger cleaning power, one feature that customers often request for when choosing a dishwasher is a quieter machine.

Now, while there are plenty of those available, keep in mind, you will not find one that would run with pin-drop silence. However, if you just want a generally quieter machine, we recommend getting a stainless-steel machine, instead of hybrid or plastic. Also, when making a purchase, choose a reliable brand rather than a cheaper one. Most new, popular dishwashers are quiet, so you’ll be making a good investment.

Keep Your Dishwasher Maintained

And get in touch with us if you need any help maintaining your trusty dishwasher!

All American Appliance Service is a leading company in Passaic, Rockland and Bergen County, NJ, so you can be sure we’ll fix and upgrade your dishwasher’s features whenever needed.

So, get ready to make your purchase, and stay in contact with us if you ever need some quick help with your appliance!

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