Considering that your stove is the most important home appliance of them all, it’s ironic that we don’t really think about its care until it actually starts showing fault!

The stovetop might start changing color, the gas output might not be up to scratch. Whatever your reason may be for finally paying attention to your stove’s need, at All American Appliance Service, we say, better late than never!

To help you stay on track so you can use your stove for longer, we offer some special tips as well that’ll help you keep your stove in tip-top shape!

How to Take Care of Your Stove

-Don’t Ignore Boil Overs

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually cry over spilled milk, especially if that milk boils, all over your nice, clean stove!

When cooking, it’s crucial that you avoid any sort of shallow pans or pots that lead to splattering or boil-over. Different foods and products (especially if the spillage is left for a long time), cause discoloration and damage the quality of your stove. Minimize this damage by clearing up the spills as soon as possible, and use a diluted soap solution to wipe any residue away.

We caution against using any strong cleaners.

-Don’t Use Abrasives

Unless, that is, you’re thinking of adding some ~*texture*~ to your smooth steel or glass stove!

Using any abrasives like a scrubber or steel wool is just your way of asking for trouble. Not only does it create micro-scratches on the surface, it causes any later spillage to grip the scratches as well. This makes it harder to clean, which leads to residue build up, which leads to marks and dirt and grime.

Instead, use a soft cloth or a sponge and a bit of elbow grease with lukewarm water when cleaning. That should be enough.

-Clean those Stove Components

Your stove’s control panel knobs and burner drip plates deserve some love as well!

Ask your stovetop vendor which components are removable and wash them in the sink or in the dishwasher so they can be good as new. Make sure to ask if they’re dishwasher-safe, just in case.

With the control panel knobs, remove them by pulling them out and clean around the bases. Also, wash the knobs in warm, soapy water then let dry before replacing.

-Clean Under that Hood

Stovetop not sealed? Have a look at the panel under the burners. Your owner’s manual will likely have instructions on how you can remove it safely without causing damage.

You’ll see plenty of food bits and grease in the crevices of the stove. Clean that grease under the stove by using a sponge, with a half-and-half solution of warm water and vinegar. It’ll look good as new.

Need Help?

If you live in Passaic, Rockland, or Bergen County, All American Appliance Service is your best guide to stovetop safety, or any appliance repair and maintenance.

Get in touch with us for assistance, and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions regarding your stove’s longevity. We’d be more than happy to help a customer out in maintaining their appliances!

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