With a regular 9-to-5 job and plenty of responsibilities to juggle with your everyday tasks, you simply don’t have the time to cook in the kitchen. But this doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of healthy meals.

Even if you’re not a chef in the making, you should at least have some of the essentials to make your life easier. Here, All American Appliance Service offers a small list of everything you would need.

Bullet Blender

Compact, portable, convenience and powerful, the bullet blender combines all the good qualities of an appliance in a small package. Time-saving and useful, the bullet blender isn’t just the perfect appliance for making smoothies. Great for blending, pureeing and grinding ingredients, the bullet blender is an investment you’d always be grateful to yourself for.

Slow Cooker

For foodies who love the finer things in life but don’t have the time to get them, this is the best appliance for you!

Put your dinner in it in the morning, set things up and you’re done. You’ll come home at night to a good homecooked meal. A good appliance for cooking pre-packed dinners as well; the slow cooker is a must-have for people who dream about having home-cooked meals after work.

Food Processor

Mise en place is one component of making a meal that almost everyone hates. Preparing all the veggies, cutting and slicing things up—if you skip making meals simply because you can’t be bothered, then buy a food processor. It’ll slice and dice everything for you, and you won’t even have to worry about cleaning up the mess.

Sub-Zero Refrigerator

Love to food prep? If you’re planning to make your meals beforehand for the week ahead, you need an appliance that can support your food adventures. That’s where a sub-zero refrigerator comes in handy. Vastly more durable than your average icebox, sub-zero refrigerators maintain their class in service for decades, and offer smart storage temperatures as well, which allows better freshness for your produce.

Mug Warmer

An underrated appliance to be sure, mug warmers can change your life if you depend on coffee or tea to stay awake. A portable appliance, you can take your mug warmer wherever you want, connect it to a USB port on your laptop and keep your beverage perfectly warm and toasty. A great choice for office goers and busy parents!

Need Help Fixing an Appliance!

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