5 Basic Kitchen Appliances That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

With a regular 9-to-5 job and plenty of responsibilities to juggle with your everyday tasks, you simply don’t have the time to cook in the kitchen. But this doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of healthy meals. Even if you’re not a chef in the making, you should at least have some of the essentials to make your life easier. Here, All American Appliance Service offers a small list of everything you would need.

Simple But Crucial Tips On How To Maintain Your Stove

Considering that your stove is the most important home appliance of them all, it’s ironic that we don’t really think about its care until it actually starts showing fault! The stovetop might start changing color, the gas output might not be up to scratch. Whatever your reason may be for finally paying attention to your stove’s need, at All American Appliance Service, we say, better late than never! To help you stay on track so […]

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a New Dishwasher

You’ve made the enormous decision to buy a dishwasher and quite frankly, you’re more than a little excited! Gone are the days of washing your dishes by hand. Now, all you have to do is put your dishes in the appliance, tap a button, and voila! You have yourself a load of clean dishes, ready to be used. But, before these dreams of washed dishes all the time come to light, you have to buy […]

How Often Should I Get My Washing Machine Serviced?

Ideally, we’d recommend every 12 months! However, we understand if, as a customer, you might not want to bring in a professional every year so you can get your washing machine serviced. Considering that in many cases, the long-term costs of hiring a manufacturer engineer are higher than the cost of the machine itself, many people forego contacting the company itself. Instead, many either rely on the DIY method, or contact a basic repairman. But, […]

How to Care for Electrical Appliances

Fridges have a life expectancy of 6–13 years, LCD televisions 5–11 years, laptops 4–8 years, ovens 10–20 years, washing machines 5–11 years, and so on. If there’s one thing these numbers tell us, it’s this: no appliance lasts forever—but you can make one last long enough if you care for them right. And that’s what we’re here to talk about: to help you take proper care of them, because why shouldn’t you? Appliances have feelings too. […]