Appliances a Reason Why Your Bill is so High

If we’re talking about high Bills, last year was definitely the star with Bill Nye “the Science Guy” being arrested for being high . . . but this blog is about different kinds of high bills altogether. And even when it comes to high electric bills, 2019 took the cake. In fact, Americans have been complaining about excessive bills since 2018. And while some of that might be due to the tariffs on appliances, it

Washing Machines

Is your machine making loud noises? Is it using so much water that you’re scared Greta Thunberg will appear out of nowhere and chastise you for destroying the environment? Does your washing machine have only one job and is it not doing it right—that is, are your clothes not being cleaned right? The BBC says washing machines are no longer built to last, but you can say they never were. They are, after all, machines. And

Image showing Sub-zero refrigerator repair Rockland County

According to Forbes, the demand for luxury kitchen appliances in the US is increasing as we speak! The rate of homeowners who are investing in high-quality kitchen appliances has increased by 5% since the year 2016. Sub-zero refrigerators are one of these appliances. Before you head to the nearest store to make a purchase, here’s all you need to know: The finishing No one said you have to forcibly buy a fit-for-all sub-zero model. You

sub zero refrigerator repair Rockland County

In the year 2020, make it a promise to give as much attention to your kitchen as you to do to other parts of the house. If you’re trying to strike a sweet balance between the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen, you need to invest in the rightfully hyped sub-zero refrigerators. They are sleek, stylish, energy-efficient, and always easy to blend in with cabinet designs. If you’ve already made the purchase, this blog will help

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Do you wonder how to reduce your electricity bill? If yes, then you are at the right place! Explained more in the infographic below:

Kitchen Appliances Repair Bergen County

With over 25.5 million units sold in 2018, blenders are some of the most common appliances in kitchens across the globe. Whether it’s shakes, smoothies or food prep, blenders can do it all and much more! Just like other kitchen appliances, excessive use can often impact the efficiency and performance of blenders. As simple as these appliances seem, there could be a wide range of reasons why a blender might stop working. Fortunately, we have a